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Shamanic Ceremonies

All of my work is Spirit Led and I will only work with you once I have permission from Spirit to do so.

When we step into this work together it is always collaborative and co-created. You are an active participant and I encourage the process of you seeking direct revelation from Spirit or Source in all areas of your life. Much of our work will be nature based and although each session is individual and bespoke to your needs and situation at this time. The deep healing and revitalising that comes from connecting with Nature is ever present.

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Ceremonies are at the centre of my work and it is my honour to provide you with the following offerings:


Menarche Ceremony

To celebrate and honour a girl’s first sacred menstrual blood. The start of her cycle as she steps into her journey to becoming a woman. An opportunity to share how to utilise the precious cycle as a letting go and gathering of innate female power and energy. A time to honour our inner seasons as we cycle with the Moon. A time for rest and dreaming, as well as a time for action and shining our light. Honouring that our lives are not linear, we cycle and spiral and each place in our cycle offers different opportunities.




A Shamanic ceremony to honour your sacred transition into Motherhood. A deep acknowledgment that as you birth your baby earthside, so too shall you be born as a Mother. This ceremony is as unique as you are. We shall gather a Circle of your beloved sisters, friends and family, weaving a web of support and love as you begin to prepare your birthing space. A time to share wisdom, release any fear and affirm your own innate capacity to birth your baby your way. You may be crowned with flowers and attended to whilst we weave the Red Thread Web around you. Honouring your ancestors and descendants, and building a lifelong supportive web around you and your growing baby. Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, this is a space for you as a woman to meaningfully celebrate, honour and perhaps grieve the changes within the constellation of your family.



Naming Ceremony

A beautiful honouring of your new child. Creating a celebration, weaving the Elements and building sacred, loving protection and support around your child as you celebrate their being here and the name you have given them.



Menopause Ceremony - Autumn Woman - Crowning you as Harvest Queen

A Shamanic ceremony that usually takes place a year after your last bleed, honouring this passage into deeper power, boundaries and wisdom.

I offer ceremonies to honour birth AND death, all part of the sacred wheel of life. A personal ceremony to celebrate your loved one’s life and to honour and assist their Soul on the transition back home.



House (or boat or caravan or yurt!) Blessing Ceremony

To honour the new home that you have chosen and to say goodbye to your old home. We weave peaceful blessings around your home and cleanse and release any stagnant or old energy, whilst adding a strong web of protection. You may also choose to create a ceremony when leaving or starting a place of work, or a place of learning.



Womb Healing Ceremony

This is a deeply transformational Ceremony that takes place over an extended period of time, with a 3 hour in-person Ceremony.

This is a sacred opportunity to release all that is no longer serving you at this time, to reclaim and welcome home lost Soul Essence that is ready, willing and able to assist you in all areas of life at this time. And to plant the golden seeds of your most treasured dreams. From a shamanic perspective, we hold all our emotions, past pain, trauma and distress, as well as our innermost knowledge and wisdom in our Wombspace. We also carry matrilineal wisdom through our motherline. We work with the Marriage Basket during this Ceremony, a Navajo practice which I will introduce to you in more depth during our work together. Womb Healing is an ancient and powerful healing. It is essential that you take time to rest and be nourished afterwards as the work ripples out.





Shamanic Healing Sessions

Other traditional shamanic offerings for you include;

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Extraction Work
  • Cord Cutting
  • Compassionate Spirit Release
  • Psychopomp
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Curse Unravelling
  • Soul Contracts Healing
  • Land healing, blessing and clearing
  • Home healing, blessing and clearing





 Katharine supported me with: Connecting with my ancestors, releasing pain from childhood experiences, when grieving the loss of a baby, through a 2nd miscarriage, when I was pregnant following losing my baby. 
It's hard to quantify the support Katharine offered to me. She offered me a safe open-hearted space where I could take absolutely anything I was experiencing. So often I could take a recent experience to her, we'd explore it together and I'd be left feeling heard, feeling so much clearer about things and so relieved to have access to Katherine's wisdom and skills. 
I've never met anyone like Katharine. She somehow manages to be extreamely skilled and professional and at the same time ahve a warmth and softness which puts you instantly at ease. 






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