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Shamanic Training

Upcoming Shamanic training courses


  Dancing around the moon

This is a dance around the moon. A circle of women coming together, maiden, mother, maga or crone. I will show you how to lead this dance, and help women celebrate the moon, their femininity and their wombspace.

The dance is a transformational journey of getting in touch with cycles: of themselves and the moon. It also helps us to get in touch with the seasons, and is also very much about our inner cycles. Reflection, singing and celebrating also involved.

My Shamanic training will help you to understand that the main takeaway everyone should have at the end of the dance is that whatever stage we are at, we are always whole.



 The Black Thorn!

An upcoming course, this year long Shamanic training is yet to be finalised. Watch this space for more details.




  Past Courses

The wheel course in progress

The Wheel

In 2018 I co-facilitated a year-long course with Lyn Hill: The Sacred Wheel, inspired by the book, Wheel: The Little Red Book of Shamanism. We meet for a weekend at each season, taking a deep dive into the elements, the directions, Spirits of Place, the plant and tree medicine, journeying together with the Drum and creating sacred art. The connections formed with the small group of women were deep, lasting and inspirational.

I have continued to offer day workshops with Lyn, including Honouring our Sacred Ancestors at Samhain, A Sacred Pause at Advent, Spring Equinox, Beltane and others. These workshops occur mainly in person but sometimes online if necessary.





As a teacher of Sharmanism and Sared Art it was a great joy to take Katharine through my sharmanic practitioner training. Katharine is the Divine Mother in human form! Her heart is as large as the universe itself. She is a natural born healer and weaver of rainbow blessings. She understands about Divine Light and Deep Shadow both. The underprivileged children of the world are her children - she gives them all a place in her heart. I whole hartedly recommend her work with adults, as well as teens and children, and would not hesitate to send a family member or loved one to Katharine for healing work. I trust her and her connection to spirit 100% 

Imelda Almqvist, international teacher and author of three books including 'Natural Born Sharmans: A Spiritual Toolkit for Life' and 'Sacred Art: A Hollow Bone for Spirit'





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